Trail Racing is a form of racing that brings you close to nature with ascents and descents, in semi self-sufficiency, on distances often superior to marathons. Each year, trail-racing attracts more and more enthusiasts who can be professional athletes as well as casual runners craving challenges.

Nowaday, there are more than 1000 trail races in France and this phenomenon is also developing abroad..

The increasing number of companies to make bids for this emerging market in the last few years is the main proof of this trend.

Trail racing stands on new concepts and strong values:


Innovative principles:

* Itinerary of hundreds of kilometres in the most remote places on Earth.

* A contest including 5 steps and requiring mental and physical strengths.

* A unique way to progress and to respect the environment.


Strong values:

* The taste of discovery, of adventure, exploration and freedom.

* Team spirit and efficiency of the cohesion,  sens of effort, energy, engagement and altruism.

* Opening ourself on the World, innovation, pioneering temperament, respect of the human and the environment.

* Exacting of the nature for a better performance.


The main objective of the X trail race LA TRANSTICA in Costa Rica is to discover the country and its way of life and to share this experience with the locals through a sporting competition with humanitarian goals.


We offer you the opportunity to live an adventure where personal achievement but also aid and solidarity are the soul of this challenge, in a natural frame exceptionally beautiful. From the Pacific coast to the Atlantic Coast, the race is a unique crossing of an amazing natural paradise, at the discovery of a different culture.



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